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I wish my schoolmates had been nice enough that I actually missed them. Maybe if I had a soul or something, too.

On the plus side, in a few weeks you'll have a whole new group of small children to terrorise and be terrorised by. Something to look forward to!


What a great post.



(all that needs to be said)

that was indeed a great post. except that you've made me cry now.


Steeeeeeve! Was very lovely to see you last week, hope that you got back ok, and enjoyed your last few days back in the good old North East! Keep in touch, and sure I'll catch you on MSN at some point soon. Love Clarey xxx


Woow, I really liked the (story)<3!! you have really made me cryyy!!
You know, i reeeaallly love Japan!!! One day I will be going to study in Japan...!!! :D

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